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Eco-Hydro Fish Liquid Fertilizer 1.5-3-0.2

Fresh Ingredients for a superior fertilizer: The fish we utilize is all fresh caught, bottom fish from the Pacific Northwest,---Northern California, Oregon, and Washington. Approximately 80% are fresh carcasses from the seafood industry, while the other 20% are whole fish, not making the grade for human consumption in one way or another. The fish we use is Pacific Ocean bottom fish and averages 15% to 17% protein.

Process: We receive fish from multiple fisheries daily. We grind the fish, and use an enzymatic, low heat process to reduce the ground slurry into a refined liquid fertilizer. We use a trace amount of phosphoric acid for stabilization and screen the product through a 200 mesh Sweco screen. The product is 98% fish and is a hydrolisate which means it can be used as a foliar as well as in the soil.

Benefits of Fish

Healthier Soil: Soil qualities are improved based upon the major increase of microbial action stimulated by Eco-Hydro fish fertilizer. Unproductive soil is easily rebuilt and replenished through repeated applications of our fish fertilizer.

Healthier Plant: With Eco Fish Fertilizer, plants improve in color, health and considerable growth!

Microbial Activity: Fish is an excellent food for microbial action in the soil.

Fish and kelp: designed to work together.

Eco-Hydro Fish and Eco-Nereo Kelp provide an organic, nutritionally complete and earth-friendly soil fortifier. They have the primary nutrients your plants and soil need!


Benefits of our Eco-Hydro Fish and Eco-Nereo Kelp:

  • No run-off into waterways and lakes when used as directed
  • Non phyto-toxic: no toxic effects on plant growth
  • Promotes microbial decomposition of thatch(post-harvest residues)
  • Can be used as key ingredients for compost teas
  • Great compost starters
  • Eco-Hydro Fish and Eco-Nereo Kelp Liquid Fertilizer can be used at any time of the growing cycle